Your Own Signature Domain Name...

Is the first step in branding,

Starting today, differentiate yourself from everyone by having your own email address using your own Signature Domain Name…


Use our Domain Name Suggestion Tool to find that PERFECT DOMAIN NAME for yourself.

Just type in something that you think will work and the suggestion tool will tell you if it is available or not, along with several other domain name suggestions.

Our Email service with Domain Name is only...

Only $27.00 a Year.

<< Less than what some Domain Name Companies charge for a Domain Name >>

You Get:

  • Your Own Email Address
  • Domain Name Included ( up to a $10.50 value)
  • Disk space quota, 1 Gig
  • Bandwidth quota, 1 Gig
  • 25 Email Account
  • 25 Email lists
  • Park up to 5 Domains
  • Up to 5 Addon Domains
  • No Other Fees
  • We'll even help you set up 3 computers, using our Free "Online Computer Support" 
  • Same Fanatical Support as our other managed hosting clients receive


An "X" means it is taken and an "O" means it is available.  Happy hunting!

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Create Your Email Account Now!

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