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Today Business Website Designs are providing large and small companies with online customer service, music delivery, online courses and books, news articles, press releases, newsletters, employee work related tools...

Besides being involved in all of the above, we have also setup web based services for tracking and reporting manufacturing and labor, creating proposals and contracts and delivering them through web based systems and services, online music catalogs with over 400 purchasable products handled through PayPal's (IPN) shopping cart with automated delivery of electronic products.

We design Business Websites and provide the Small Business Website Host and Support services to keep them evolving and current.

We provide the following:

1. Site Planning

    • Market Research, This is where it all begins. Using Professional Tools we review Keyword options to determine the best keyword sets to take advantage of current popular Search Engine searches while limiting the competition.

   • Strategic Planning, Based on our Market Research results, Domain Name(s) are purchased and the beginning stages of site design begin  to take shape, i.e. Menu schemes, information layouts, graphics, services, visitor interaction...

    • Branding, Developing graphics and the visual presentation of the web site to establish a clear and definable image for either the person or company..

    • Search Engine Optimization, begins with the very first step and built into every aspect as the site is being developed. Search Engine Optimization also continues through out the life of the web site because Search Engines change how they evaluate what they rank.

    • PPC/Sponsored Search Result Ads, Although we prefer obtaining organic first page ranking on the Search Engines, our research may show opportunities for high yield & low cost Pay Per Click advertising.

    • Web 2.0,  commonly referred to when people talk about Social Networking, Articles, Press Releases; has become a great avenue for web site owners to promote their web site, products and branding. We consider this aspect of content development and networking to be one of the best courses you can take to obtain new and repeat clients

   • Online PR/Customer Service, Since so much time and money is spent to get people to your web site we believe that offering your visitors the ability to "Chat Online" with someone while they are their is an important aspect to branding as well as customer service. It is also the best opportunity to capture a visitor through a gentle inquiry.

   • Content Networking, is something we have developed with our customers. You won't see this talked about unless it is through one of our articles or here in our web site. 

   • Deliver Content Dynamically, with several methods of obtaining content, we look at what the content is and where it needs to go, i.e. Radio Show, Video Player, RSS feed, links, news... Once your page has been designed and setup to handle this information  page adjustments become more an aspect of maintenance than development.

   • Site and Service Management Portal, each site when using the Content Publishing System has their own specific and secure portal. This portal is easily customized for both client and employee use. Password protected, user friendly, video coaching and Online Support are a few of the built in features to ensure smooth operation.

   • Easily Mange Content - Audio, Video, Flash Presentations, Articles, with employer's and manager's trying to get more  from less, it is only natural to automate how content is managed for your web site. Besides reducing your TOC you also benefit with the search engines and by creating an environment for your visitors and clients to return. Many of our clients remark how it changed their perspective of developing content and most importantly how easy it is to use.

   • Graphics, eBooks and Textual Content, are used to heighten the experience of your visitors, customers and/or employees in a manner that assists you in your goals, i.e. sales, training. All of which are designed for you.

   • Custom Web Application, some of our clients have moved some of their back office operations to being web based. This allows for reduced IT expenses, access to the information and or processes from virtually anywhere that has Internet access, but yet maintaining the computer based services to run their operations. One of our clients moved their custom manufacturing operations for two separate locations to being web based. This service included touch screen monitors for laborers to log in for jobs (payroll) and sales and management services for both job and sales tracking.  

eCommerce - Shopping Carts and/or PayPal services allow you to sell 24 hours a day and if your product is electronic, delivery. One of our clients has over 400 individual products, 90% of which are electronic. Using a low cost method we setup the IPN service used by PayPal to ensure that orders are taken and when appropriate send the electronic product automatically. There are many solutions when using shopping carts and or PayPal. Each solution meets a specific need, and your solution may be as simple as using PayPal or a little more complex involving a Drop Shipper. Either way automating this process moves you toward a simpler operation and lowering your TOC.

2. We include our Hosting services for free with all Support Contracts 

    • We don't care how much hard drive space you use or bandwidth, in fact we encourage you to use more... There is no cost to you when you have a support contract!

    • Any script that you use that we designed, we maintain for free

    • We become your least expensive employee providing fanatical server support, monitoring and maintenance

    • Hosting is FREE


Their is nothing better than a Professionally prepared Small Business Web Site Design, backed by Small Business Class Hosting Services.

Nothing worse than something less....




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 Journey To My Fathers Heart client - professional web site design

Journey To My Fathers Heart

Dear iWebbIt,
Thank you so much for my beautiful website. I have always dreamed of having my own site to share my short stories and the journeys of my life. I have received so many compliments on the site you created for me and I could not be more pleased. Thank you again, sincerely, Susan Creighton

 Dragon Moon Tattoo client - professional web site design

Dragon Moon Tattoo

iWebbIt took over our site sometime ago when we became disappointed in the results of our previous web company. If you work with iWebbIt, you will find them resourceful and responsive to your requests and when they say "We can do that", they will.

Everything within our web site is stored in a database, so when we make a change to the photos showing up in a Flash Photo Gallery, the effect is immediate. It is that way through out our site. So what used to take months now is accomplished in minutes. It actually takes us longer to figure out what we want to say than it does to make the changes.

We have decided to change Kit's name to Kit Rock!

Ms. Mick

 In His Ministry - Teaching God's Grace client - professional web site design

In His Ministry - Teaching God's Grace

We at In His Ministry are extremely pleased with the service we have received from iWebbIt. i WebbIt designed and developed a website to meet our specific needs. The built-in content publisher makes posting content easy for even the most novice computer user. It is intuitive, and allows us to add text, audio clips, video clips and images. As long as we have Internet access we can post content from anywhere and often do.

As I write this, we are about to take a trip from the east to the west coast. We wanted to journal our trip and share each days events. I called iWebbIt to see if it were possible to do this on our website. I was introduced to blogging and the blogging feature was added to our site within twenty four hours.

All of our dealings with Webbit have been courteous, timely and professional. They are truly a Value Added company, and we highly recommend there services.

Edward Van Brunt Jr.
President of In His Ministry, Inc.

 Burton Realty Inc. client - professional web site design

Burton Realty Inc.

For approximately 2 1/2 to 3 years, Burton Realty Inc. has had the privledge of having Kit Creighton with iWebbIt design, manage, and provide support for our new web site. While most of the agents in my office and I know a little about the computer, etc. we were in need of someone who had patience, and the ability to assist us from the smallest detail to the major ones, someone we could trust, and finally, be available whenever we needed the help.

I am happy to say that we have found our person. Kit has walked us through situations on our computers numerous times, and has put together a web page that we are very pleased with. Recently, Kit has contacted us with new suggestions, ideas and plans to keep us up with the cutting edge in technology.

Should you have any questions or need to speak to me regarding Burton Realty Inc.'s working relationship with Kit Creighton, please feel free to email me or visit our web site at

Thank you for your time.
Kathy Lougheed
Broker, CRS
Burton Realty Inc.
24808 John J. Williams Highway
Millsboro, DE 19966

(800) 321-5914