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Custom Real Estate Web Sites

84% of home buyers use the Internet to buy Real Estate

It's no longer a matter if you should have a web site!

It's about your income being affected by what
your real estate web site is saying...

Because the Real Estate Industry has become somewhat complex over the years, it is almost impossible to compete without the Internet and a great web-site.

Numerous clients of mine have commended me on my web-site. Just visit my web-site and look for yourself what Kit has created for me. www.KenSutton.us

-Ken Sutton

If your current site or the lack of one does not promote you in the
light necessary to build trust and exhibit your expertise you won't stand out....

You will be forgotten!


Your Lifestyle and Income

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With the Internet playing such a large roll in the Real Estate Industry...


We provide several solutions for the Real Estate Agent that wants a web presence, but none compare in he ability to completely express who that person is than our Custom Real Estate Web Sites and they come packed with services and features that every other site is compared to.

    Each IDX (or equivalent database system) based Real Estate web site is complete with
  • MLS® Listings - Each Database, Residential, Farms, Lots and Land and Commercial and Industrial
  • Introduction, about us pages
  • Email Forms
  • Blog - Very popular with the Search Engines
  • Real Estate Glossary of Terms
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Buyer and Seller Articles
  • Utility, Cable, Phone Company Information Page
  • School & School District Information
  • Area Hospital Information
  • 39 Individual City Information Pages covering all of Sussex County and parts of Kent County - w/ Google map
    Using the IDX ( equivalent database system) delivery system gives you the following added benefits built into each web site
  • MLS® RSS Feeds - Automated and Daily, Each City or Town - Very popular with the Search Engines
  • Inclusion in Trullia, Zillow, Yahoo Real Estate Google Real Estate and Google Base - Automated and Daily
  • Custom Content Publishing Features, i.e. Promote Rentals, Pocket Listings, Office Articles or News Releases...
  • Customized video's on how to use your Content Publishing service
  • Forward to a Friend Service - Allowing your visitors to engage others in their property search (optional)
  • New Property Listing Notification Service (optional)
  • Hot Sheets, for you and your clients (optional)
  • Customized Property pages, i.e. Featured Properties Lists or Highlight and/or Detail pages

    Standard Support
  • Fanatical Server Support
  • Email Delivery monitoring
  • Automatic updates to scripts and offered services
  • Site Maintenance and Support

Cooper Realty Associates and Team-Cooper have employed the services of Kit Creighton and Webbit now for many years in providing all our WebSite services.

Kit is not only creative and hard working, but is always available when we need him.

He has always been pleasant and professional to deal with, and is constantly suggesting new and improved ways to promote our sites.

It is my sincere pleasure to recommend him.

Thomas J Cooper
Cooper Realty Associates

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Cooper Realty Associates - Realtor® sites:



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Because our fees are solely based on production time, it is not uncommon for the investment of a finished site to be in excess of $4,000. Although there are site that have come well under that figure. Each site is unique in design and implemented services.

Monthly Hosting fees vary on the number of plug-ins included and the amount of support time our customers want, normally our clients prefer 2 hours of support a month and the complete package of plug in's, for $139.95 a month.

For approximately 2 1/2 to 3 years, Burton Realty Inc. has had the privledge of having Kit Creighton with WebbIT design, manage, and provide support for our new web site. While most of the agents in my office and I know a little about the computer, etc. we were in need of someone who had patience, and the ability to assist us from the smallest detail to the major ones, someone we could trust, and finally, be available whenever we needed the help. I am happy to say that we have found our person. Kit has walked us through situations on our computer numerous times, and has put together a web page that we are very pleased with. Recently, Kit has contacted us with new suggestions, ideas and plans to keep us up with the cutting edge in technology.

Should you have any questions or need to speak to me regarding Burton Realty Inc.'s working relationship with Kit Creighton, please feel free to contact me.

Kathy Lougheed
Broker, CRS
Burton Realty Inc.

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