Internet Connection Speed Test

Here is a great Internet Speed Test Tool. It is from and has been cleared by McAfee as being a clean site and service. They also have several other services that you may find helpful.

Test Your Internet Connection Speed Before

We began testing the speed of our connection as we prepared for VoIP (Voice over IP). In our search for information we found that our speed varies from one service to another and from differing locations across the United States. Several factors play into your results, location of the server running the Speed Test (ours is in Denver CO., Internet congestion and the speed of your computer. This test accurately measures bandwidth and serves as a DSL and Cable Modem Speed test to help visitors troubleshoot and locate bandwidth issues.

If you are looking at the results of this test to determine whether or not to get VoIP I would suggest you also try, SpeakEasy - Speed test from different geographical locations and MyVoIP .

Bandwidth may be higher or lower depending on Internet congestion. Calculated tests do not reflect server reliability and/or speed.

Although we prefer this test over the others we found. Here are a couple of the other tests, some use your area code to locate a server near you, others allow you to check the speed from different geographic locations.

If your computer is behind a firewall please read the following

Before you start the Speed Test, please keep in mind that it uses TCP port 8500 to test packets. What does this mean? If you see a 'connect time out' message, then you need to tell your firewall to allow (that's our server) to communicate with your computer using TCP port 8500. Here is an example of the IP Security Policy on a XP machine: Protocol = TCP, Source Port =8500, Destination Port = ANY, Source Address =, Source Mask =, Destination Address = My IP Address, Destination Mask =

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