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[…] | iWebbIt iwebbit.com/wordpress/2010/06/04/122/ – view page – cached I am a gadget girl….I love learning about the latest technology and how to use it to my advantage, both personally and professionally. That's why I am so Tweets about this link Topsy.Data.Twitter.User['webbit_'] = {"photo":"http://a3.twimg.com/profile_images/56346751/Kit_head_shot_128_normal.jpg","url":"http://twitter.com/webbit_","nick":"webbit_"}; webbit_: “My Friend Connie Cooper is a "Gadget Girl", she is enjoying her new Motorola DROID ( http://iwebbit.com/wordpress/2010/06/04/122/ ) ” 21 minutes ago retweet Topsy.Data.Twitter.User['webbit_'] = {"photo":"http://a3.twimg.com/profile_images/56346751/Kit_head_shot_128_normal.jpg","url":"http://twitter.com/webbit_","nick":"webbit_"}; webbit_: “( http://iwebbit.com/wordpress/2010/06/04/122/ ) ” 22 minutes ago retweet Filter tweets […]